me (part 5)

It has been five years, since the incident had passed. Strangely I remember every detail of it, just like it had happened yesterday, but the girl who fell in love that summer, just has diapered inside me. Now? I am reckless. I am changed.

Just three weeks before I had celebrated my twenty fourth birthday. You know what happens when you enter in your twenties, things change, people around you change, and if you’re a girl then all people do around you is pointing all type of guys around you. This thing always pissed me of, which in turn amused mom.

After that summer when I had returned home, it took a whole long year for me to convince myself that Rishabh wasn’t coming back. Everyone knew something was wrong for me, but thankfully no one ever asked. I was blocked from facebook, whatsapp and BBM from Rishabh’s account and there was no point in calling him up, he never answered any of them. I was angry for myself for letting it happen, I mean I lived a perfect life, and he? When he entered my life, he made me happy because he could figure me out, but after that, when he left, he made sure of ripping my heart out. He did everything he wasn’t supposed to do. But after he left, I never expected him to return, and he didn’t.

“Honey, all packed up?” My mom asked me, entering the room.

“Oh, yeah!” I said, breaking away from my thoughts. “Though, I am not sure, how I will survive in London. Vegetarian food is rarely available.” I said.
Oh Yes! I was actually a vegetarian. Since I had joined PETA for the social work of animals. You can’t eat and also keep working for them.

Mom laughed.
“It’s PETA and they treat you like their star agent, you’ll easily get everything.” She said.
“Hope so!” I said, and with some amount of energy zipped up my suitcase.
“Okay, you have an early flight tomorrow, I’ll let you sleep.” My mom said, hugging me and left.

I turned off the sensor lights, and slipped into dreams of that summer romance which I experienced five years ago.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we will now be landing.” The air-hostess voice boomed over the speakers.
“Adira, hey, wake up!” My best friend Anoushka whispered to me in the ear.
“Hmm?” I said, and fell asleep again.
“ADIRA.” Anouska called again, sternly.

I finally woke up and fastened my seatbelt.
“You look crap.” Anoushka said, grinning at me.
“I feel crap.” I said, shaking my head.


“Is there someone, to pick us up even?” I said, frustrated, we had landed almost half an hour ago, and there was no one to pick us up.

“Hold on, that guy over there. Just hold on.” Anoushka said and left me standing there with the luggage.
“Perfect.” I murmured.

After five minutes, of constantly watching Anoushka, taking to a random guy over there, she finally started coming towards me.
As they came closer, I felt like I knew the guy, like I had seen him somewhere.

“Adira? This is Dr. Rishabh. PETA’s top vet nary doctor.” Anoushka said. I couldn’t believe it.
I looked at Rishabh. His face was full of shock.
I looked at him for the last time, and passed out.


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