Me (part 4)

**First love, it teaches us a lot. It teaches us to identify the right person in future, for ourselves. It hurts us, a lot.
If we get it in the end, we are the luckiest person ever but if we do not, then we are the unluckiest, because no one will be ever make us feel like before. </3 **

That night when I got down to sleep, I couldn’t sleep. That scene, that closeness between Rishabh and me was replaying in my mind again and again. Was I in love? I couldn’t decide. I was unable to understand. My mind was messed up. But how could I be in love? No one could fall in love this soon, but then there isn’t really a time limit for falling in love, yeah?
To be honest, I knew all this long there was a force at work, bringing me and Rishabh together. I was attracted to him a lot. In my nineteen years , I never had felt anything like this for anyone. Even my past relationships were time-pass and no way near seriousness, but this attraction was scaring me. He was going to New York within a few days, and then what?
I decided to talk to him tomorrow.

“I’ll be home late, don’t wait to have your dinner with me. Okay?” My mom said, as we were having breakfast the next morning.

“Yeah, sure.” I said munching my food. This was a habit for my mom. She rarely spent time with me, but then I also didn’t complain. She had more important priorities, than me.

After saying bye to mom, I grabbed by jacket and rushed to Mrs. Green house.

“Is Rishabh home?” I asked her as soon as she opened the door.

“No Adira, Um he went out fishing early morning, I thought he had gone with you.” She said, a little alarmed at my breathless state.

“Okay.” I said and started running to the waterfalls. He had once told me that he used to sometimes go there to do the fishing. It was his favourite spot.

As I reached there, I saw him sitting there and throwing pebbles in the water.

“Rishabh?” I called out his name.
His body tensed.

“Why did you leave yesterday?” I asked him, bluntly. One bad thing about me is I cannot face rejection.

“You really want an answer?” He asked me, in a small voice.

“Yes.” I whispered, at what he may say.

He got up and stood facing towards me.

“I can’t fall for you. I can’t fall for a girl who is never going to be with me.” He said, and taking a deep breath continued. “You live in Delhi; you have your friends, your family there. That is a place you belong to. I live in New York. I still have three years to complete my studies. I have my friends over there. We cannot be together and you know long distance relationships never work. We should end things before one of us take a step that will be regretted later.”

I looked at him shocked. I felt wetness on my cheek.

“Sorry.” Was all he said, and walked out of my life, leaving me alone there, crying and afraid. 😥


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