Me (part 3)


**Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling of all. It makes you feel alive, makes you the person you are. There is no pretending in anything. Especially, first love is truly special, it is pure and real.”

Shimla was a beautiful place. This place is magical, the green lush trees, the brown hills and mountains, the people, the roads, the sky at night, the snow, everything is beautiful. I was falling in love with this place. This place did not have any skyscrapers or buildings or anything, it was a paradise for me. Mom rarely stayed home, she was busy with the preparation of the upcoming resort. More than half of the day was spent in the house alone; there wasn’t a thing to do, except hang out with Rishabh. Rishabh? He was a student in New York, studying to become a doctor under some prestigious university. I liked Rishabh; it was as simple as that. The more I tried to walk away from him, the more he came near me. Mom liked Rishabh; she said he was a nice boy. From my mother that was supposed to be a huge compliment.

I spent days, roaming on the mountains, spending all the time with him. He had once told me that since a child he was coming to Shimla regularly, since his parents had passed away in an accident, he was enrolled into college by his aunt and he came here only for holidays. I never asked him more about his past. I knew Rishabh was different, I don’t know how, but he was.

“What you staring at Adira?” He asked me one evening as we were roaming on the hills again, I was looking at the waterfall that was a few yards away from me.

“It’s so beautiful isn’t it? The waterfall. I could right now jump in it and everything will be ended. I would be forever trapped in this forest here. This serenity, no one worrying about anything.” I said, I don’t know what I was thinking but the view was so beautiful that I could have starred it for forever.

“Shut up Adira and let’s go, it’s going to rain soon.” Rishabh said, looking at the sky.

I got up and brushed off the dust from my jeans and joined him.

“When are you going back Rishabh? To New York?” I asked him in a quiet voice.

He looked at me; maybe he caught something in my voice.
“I am returning next week. I have a flight next Saturday, nine days from now.” He said packing everything and slung the bad over his shoulder.

“This soon?” I asked him, walking with him.

“Soon? Adira we have been hanging here almost like three weeks.” He said and the sky rumbled again loudly.
“Lets hurry, we need to be at the house soon, otherwise we will be drenched.” He said.

I started hurrying with him, but luck wasn’t with us that day. The clouds rumbled loudly last time and then it started raining.

“Fuck, let’s run.” Rishabh said and we started running.

By the time we reached the farmhouse, we were drenched with water. Adrenaline was surging through me. We were laughing by the time we reached home. Darkness had started to invade the house and there was power cut.

“I’ll get the candles.” I said, still laughing. “And the bathrooms that way, the towels are kept there.” I said, pointing in the opposite direction from the kitchen.

“I’ll get them.” Rishabh grinned.

I found the candle and took it the room. The moment I entered the room I saw Rishabh shirtless back. I froze. The candlelight was illuminating his beautiful skin. I kept starring until Rishabh stopped wiping his shirtless body and turned towards me. His muscles and six packs were visble.
He walked slowly towards me, I swallowed. I stood there fixed to the spot, as if hypnotized by his gaze.
He inched his face towards me, bringing me closer to him. I breathed hard.

Suddenly the electricity came back and the spell broke. Rishabh face was shocked when he saw how close we were. He grabbed his shirt and left the room without saying anything, my mouth opened to call him but no voice came out.

I stood there, with the candle in the hand and a single though in my mind.
‘I had fallen for him.’


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