Me (part 2)


**You see new people everyday. You see them, walking around you, beside you, after you or with you, but how many of them do you notice? Yes, the one who catch your eye. It’s not because they are unusual or anything. Your mind notices them. Maybe because they remind you of someone, or they resemble someone.
But in the end, you forget about them or either curse yourself for not approaching them.
This is how we work.**

“Did you pack the winter clothes?” My mother asked me, as we touched down in Shimla.
“Why the hell, would I pack winter clothes? It’s June. Summer is at its peak.” I replied, tightly holding my mother’s hand. I hate landings.

“Darling, this is a hill station, there is no guarantee of what weather you’ll experience the coming day.” Mom said, laughing.
“I’ll buy, if anything like this happens.” I said.
“Okay, listen now, I have to go for a meeting, okay? It’s about the new resort that is going to be built here. One car will take to you the farmhouse; I’ll come home in an hour or so. You have fun!” Mom said, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting up.
“Yeah, okay!” I said. I knew I had to be here alone. That’s what happens always.


“Hello, Ms.Adira! I’m Mrs. Green. I am the caretaker of this house. I just live nearby. This is my phone number; call me if you need anything.” Mrs. Green said, a chubby fifty year old woman. She smiled warmly at me and I liked her immediately.

“Just Adira please!” I said smiling at her.
“As you wish, do you need help looking around?” She asked me.
“No, I’ll be okay!” I said.
I looked at the house, it was huge and magnificent. There were green hills around it gave it a certain charisma.
‘WOW’ I thought.

I threw my bag in the car, and went towards the hills. I was fond of trekking, a lot. I loved nature and the hills. This place was beautiful. I looked around, it seemed as the trees were touching the sky. The quietness around was comforting, there was no sound. The atmosphere was eerie. I sat down the roots of the tree, the apples hung from the trees; I plucked one and was just going to bite when I heard a voice behind me.

“I wouldn’t do that.” I heard a boy’s voice behind me.

I got up in haste and turned around surprised and scraped myself again a tree.
“Ouch!” I said, looking at my ankle which was bleeding. I shouldn’t have worn shorts.
I looked up the boy; he looked about my age and was wearing a loose T-shirt and Capri. I stared at him. He wasn’t handsome or anything but he was hot. He had muscles and a broad chest, a result of regular gym, strange but he had green eyes. A wheatish complexion but such a personality and body which would make girls swoon. He was smart.

“That’s a poisonous apple.” He said, smiling just a little.
“Who are you?!” I demanded.
“Of course! I am Rishabh. You must have met Mrs. Green, yeah she’s my aunt.” He said.
“And what are you doing here?” I asked him.
“I roam a lot in these hills. Nature’s appreciator.” He said.
I looked at him and decided to turn away and walk back to the farmhouse, but then realised my ankle.

“Wait, let me help you.” Rishabh said, coming towards me. He bent down near my ankle, studying the wound. The instant he touched me, electricity jolted through me. I shuddered.
‘What the hell’ I thought.

He took out a napkin from his pocket and tied it over my ankle tightly.
“Just wash the wound when you go home, you’ll be perfect.” He said, smiling at me.
“Thank you.” I said, blushing for no reason.
“Don’t be, that’s what to-be doctors do.” He said.
“Come let’s go back to the farmhouse.” He said, already walking back to the way which I had come from.
I started after him as he started walking. Usually boys melted over my appearance, but he? He behaved in such a manner that left me amazed. I started after him, remembering the way he touched my leg.

“Are you going to come-?” He said and stopped.
“I’m Adira.” I said, starting to walk towards him, removing the unnessary thoughts from my mind.

And that is how our friendship started.


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