Me (part 1 )


**Sometimes you have everything. You have a perfect life; in short you’re nothing short of anything. But? There is a sinking feeling in your heart. You feel alone sometimes, there is turmoil of feelings inside you which you can’t get away from. Why? You do not know. **

14th, October, 2012.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, may god bless you!” The song was echoing around me. I blew all the eighteen candles and gazed at the people around me. I smiled and fed cake to my family and then to my best friend Ishita and Anirudh. This was a happy day; I had been waiting for this day from days and days. I looked around myself and saw everyone. I felt overwhelmed.
We clanked our champagne glasses and laughed together. This party was a success. Everyone was hugging and kissing my cheek. Birthdays are the best part of our life. You’re pampered, on top of everyone’s list. It’s an amazing feeling.

Anyways, I am Adira Dhawan. Only daughter of the business tycoon Mrs. Zara Dhawan. When I was 5, my mom and dad got separated and till now? My mother bought me up, made me one of the strongest persons in the world. I do not take crap from anybody but on the other side; I am one of the most helpful persons anyone has ever seen.

“Cheers Adira! Holidays start from tomorrow! No college for two months!” Anirudh exclaimed, drowning the rest of champagne.

“Yeah, life starts from tomorrow!” I said making a gesture to toast.
“Where you going then?” Ishita said.
“Shimla! We have a farmhouse there, mom has some work there too, so a month staying there!” I said making a face.
“I am off to Vegas.” Arjun said, smirking at me. I threw a pillow at him.
Everyone laughed.

“Ok, people times up! It’s time to go home.” My mom said, marching into the lobby of our house.
“Mom!” I protested.
“Sweetheart, it’s almost 11:00 in the night, everyone needs to be home, and you have a flight to catch tomorrow!” She said.
That was the cue for everyone to go. Everyone hugged me and left. After asking the servants to transfer all the gifts to my room, I filled the glass of champagne and walked towards the garden. I sat on a jute chair out there, and stared at nothing.
You know what people say? A father is a child’s best friend, and it’s right. No matter how much I had, I still felt deprived of a fatherly affection. A child always needs a father.

“What are doing out here?” My mother’s voice came from behind me.
“Nothing, just wanted to have some quietness around me.” I said, quickly wiping a tear which had escaped from my eye.
“Are you okay, Adira?” My mother asked me, coming and standing in front of me.
“Yes mom! I am perfect, thank you for such a wonderful party.” I said smiling, kissed her cheek and left for my room, before she could sense my emotions.


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