Best Friends

Best friends are something really special for all of us. So this one is for my best friends.

A- for the positive attitude they always have.

B- for the best moments i have had with them.

C-for the way they catch me when I fall.

D-for the way they dance with me in rains.

E-for the excellent advice they give.

F-for the awesome FRIENDSHIP that we have.

G-for the great deeds we have done together.

H-for the high dreams we dream.

I-for the way they ignore what other people say.

J-for the jealousy the have when giving others importance.

K-for their kind attitude towards me.

L-for the lame excuses they make.

M-for the monkey-like activities we do.

N-for being there in times of need.

O-for the optimism they support me with.

P-for the way they patiently listen to me.

Q-for the time when i feel like queen because of them.

R-for the rude replies during fights.

S-for the sunny days, which feel dull without them.

T-for the trust they have on me.

U-for the unity we have.

V-for the victory we have gone through (together) 

W-for the way they won my heart.

X- for the xoxo language that we use.

Y-for the youth we are enjoying (together).

Z-for the zeal they have.


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