different people have different choices..some dislike something and some love that very something!! it’s the same with colors! every one likes different colors. Some love green, some pink, some yellow and the list continues… 

Well i have different way of looking at colors. people’s mood  can be reflected as colors.

starting with yellow (my favorite) –  yellow for me is happiness , fun, life, friends. 😀

black- black for me is like breaking of rules, fear nothing, be strong 😉

pink- girly, loving, craziness ❤

blue- thoughtful, sad, lonely, deep..

orange- freaking, disastrous and weird

red- loving, many people’s favorite, bright, revengeful

purple- glamorous , shiny, striking, nice

green- natural, simple and soothing

white-inspirational, catchy and beautiful and elegant..:)

i’ll describe each daily..:) 



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