A tale of chocolate!!

There was cheer all around. People were laughing and singing and enjoying themselves. It was Lily’s birthday party. The clock hit 8:00 p.m n she blew the candles on her cake, she was 7 year old now. Everyone clapped and gave her gifts. She was enjoying herself. All my class was present there. Well everyone obviously was richer than me. Party came to an end soon and people start leaving and that stupid girl lily couldn’t control herself and she started opening her gifts. She liked some of them and she disliked many of them. She was a very moody brat. She was so busy in unwrapping the gifts, she did not even realize that I, John, a classmate of her was still at her home. She finally came to my gift. It was wrapped shabbily in a dull pink paper. She looked at it for a long time and then before even opening it, she threw it away. I coughed and she turned around, she looked at me with surprise and said, “Who are you? I am sorry! but do i know you? Why are you here? Well it’s my birthday today, you can have anything you want from that table there.”

For a while i thought that she was thinking me to be a beggar. I froze for a minute and then i spoke in a low voice, ” I am your batch mate. I am new to this school. I came this year. I am John and that was my gift which you threw away.”

I guess she felt bad, as soon as i could say any further my parents came to pick me up. I quietly went to them and we walked out of that palace which was the so called home of Lily.

My mother reminded me about my jacket that i was wearing. I ran towards the great hall again, as i remembered I left my jacket on the chair while talking to lily. As soon as i reached there, i saw her, she was sitting with my chocolate in her hand. It was a very normal chocolate for a brat like her, a too costly one for me. She was staring at it with an intensity. She was thinking something beyond my expectations. As soon as she saw me there, she came running towards me. She had the brightest smile on her face, probably the brightest i have ever seen and she spoke, “stupid, how did you know that this is my favorite chocolate? i had it 4 years ago! as it is no more available in my town. Thank you so much! ” as soon as i could say anything, she continued, ” That no one liked this chocolate in my class except me. People think i have a weird taste, but you just have the same choice like me. It’s now i have realized ‘we should never judge a book by it’s cover’ a shabby wrapper can have the most beautiful gift. THANK YOU! ” 

I don’t remember what happened that night, but all i remember is that it was the day i found my best friend 🙂 😀 and since then , we are the best buddies, no one can take her place in my life and mine in hers. We share everything. We both are 15 now. 8 years have passed so soon, and now i cant imagine a day of my life without her. ❤ Thank you dear weird chocolate..:) ^_^


my first short story..:)







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