me (part 5)

It has been five years, since the incident had passed. Strangely I remember every detail of it, just like it had happened yesterday, but the girl who fell in love that summer, just has diapered inside me. Now? I am reckless. I am changed.

Just three weeks before I had celebrated my twenty fourth birthday. You know what happens when you enter in your twenties, things change, people around you change, and if you’re a girl then all people do around you is pointing all type of guys around you. This thing always pissed me of, which in turn amused mom.

After that summer when I had returned home, it took a whole long year for me to convince myself that Rishabh wasn’t coming back. Everyone knew something was wrong for me, but thankfully no one ever asked. I was blocked from facebook, whatsapp and BBM from Rishabh’s account and there was no point in calling him up, he never answered any of them. I was angry for myself for letting it happen, I mean I lived a perfect life, and he? When he entered my life, he made me happy because he could figure me out, but after that, when he left, he made sure of ripping my heart out. He did everything he wasn’t supposed to do. But after he left, I never expected him to return, and he didn’t.

“Honey, all packed up?” My mom asked me, entering the room.

“Oh, yeah!” I said, breaking away from my thoughts. “Though, I am not sure, how I will survive in London. Vegetarian food is rarely available.” I said.
Oh Yes! I was actually a vegetarian. Since I had joined PETA for the social work of animals. You can’t eat and also keep working for them.

Mom laughed.
“It’s PETA and they treat you like their star agent, you’ll easily get everything.” She said.
“Hope so!” I said, and with some amount of energy zipped up my suitcase.
“Okay, you have an early flight tomorrow, I’ll let you sleep.” My mom said, hugging me and left.

I turned off the sensor lights, and slipped into dreams of that summer romance which I experienced five years ago.

“Please fasten your seatbelts, we will now be landing.” The air-hostess voice boomed over the speakers.
“Adira, hey, wake up!” My best friend Anoushka whispered to me in the ear.
“Hmm?” I said, and fell asleep again.
“ADIRA.” Anouska called again, sternly.

I finally woke up and fastened my seatbelt.
“You look crap.” Anoushka said, grinning at me.
“I feel crap.” I said, shaking my head.


“Is there someone, to pick us up even?” I said, frustrated, we had landed almost half an hour ago, and there was no one to pick us up.

“Hold on, that guy over there. Just hold on.” Anoushka said and left me standing there with the luggage.
“Perfect.” I murmured.

After five minutes, of constantly watching Anoushka, taking to a random guy over there, she finally started coming towards me.
As they came closer, I felt like I knew the guy, like I had seen him somewhere.

“Adira? This is Dr. Rishabh. PETA’s top vet nary doctor.” Anoushka said. I couldn’t believe it.
I looked at Rishabh. His face was full of shock.
I looked at him for the last time, and passed out.


Me (part 4)

**First love, it teaches us a lot. It teaches us to identify the right person in future, for ourselves. It hurts us, a lot.
If we get it in the end, we are the luckiest person ever but if we do not, then we are the unluckiest, because no one will be ever make us feel like before. </3 **

That night when I got down to sleep, I couldn’t sleep. That scene, that closeness between Rishabh and me was replaying in my mind again and again. Was I in love? I couldn’t decide. I was unable to understand. My mind was messed up. But how could I be in love? No one could fall in love this soon, but then there isn’t really a time limit for falling in love, yeah?
To be honest, I knew all this long there was a force at work, bringing me and Rishabh together. I was attracted to him a lot. In my nineteen years , I never had felt anything like this for anyone. Even my past relationships were time-pass and no way near seriousness, but this attraction was scaring me. He was going to New York within a few days, and then what?
I decided to talk to him tomorrow.

“I’ll be home late, don’t wait to have your dinner with me. Okay?” My mom said, as we were having breakfast the next morning.

“Yeah, sure.” I said munching my food. This was a habit for my mom. She rarely spent time with me, but then I also didn’t complain. She had more important priorities, than me.

After saying bye to mom, I grabbed by jacket and rushed to Mrs. Green house.

“Is Rishabh home?” I asked her as soon as she opened the door.

“No Adira, Um he went out fishing early morning, I thought he had gone with you.” She said, a little alarmed at my breathless state.

“Okay.” I said and started running to the waterfalls. He had once told me that he used to sometimes go there to do the fishing. It was his favourite spot.

As I reached there, I saw him sitting there and throwing pebbles in the water.

“Rishabh?” I called out his name.
His body tensed.

“Why did you leave yesterday?” I asked him, bluntly. One bad thing about me is I cannot face rejection.

“You really want an answer?” He asked me, in a small voice.

“Yes.” I whispered, at what he may say.

He got up and stood facing towards me.

“I can’t fall for you. I can’t fall for a girl who is never going to be with me.” He said, and taking a deep breath continued. “You live in Delhi; you have your friends, your family there. That is a place you belong to. I live in New York. I still have three years to complete my studies. I have my friends over there. We cannot be together and you know long distance relationships never work. We should end things before one of us take a step that will be regretted later.”

I looked at him shocked. I felt wetness on my cheek.

“Sorry.” Was all he said, and walked out of my life, leaving me alone there, crying and afraid. 😥

Me (part 3)


**Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling of all. It makes you feel alive, makes you the person you are. There is no pretending in anything. Especially, first love is truly special, it is pure and real.”

Shimla was a beautiful place. This place is magical, the green lush trees, the brown hills and mountains, the people, the roads, the sky at night, the snow, everything is beautiful. I was falling in love with this place. This place did not have any skyscrapers or buildings or anything, it was a paradise for me. Mom rarely stayed home, she was busy with the preparation of the upcoming resort. More than half of the day was spent in the house alone; there wasn’t a thing to do, except hang out with Rishabh. Rishabh? He was a student in New York, studying to become a doctor under some prestigious university. I liked Rishabh; it was as simple as that. The more I tried to walk away from him, the more he came near me. Mom liked Rishabh; she said he was a nice boy. From my mother that was supposed to be a huge compliment.

I spent days, roaming on the mountains, spending all the time with him. He had once told me that since a child he was coming to Shimla regularly, since his parents had passed away in an accident, he was enrolled into college by his aunt and he came here only for holidays. I never asked him more about his past. I knew Rishabh was different, I don’t know how, but he was.

“What you staring at Adira?” He asked me one evening as we were roaming on the hills again, I was looking at the waterfall that was a few yards away from me.

“It’s so beautiful isn’t it? The waterfall. I could right now jump in it and everything will be ended. I would be forever trapped in this forest here. This serenity, no one worrying about anything.” I said, I don’t know what I was thinking but the view was so beautiful that I could have starred it for forever.

“Shut up Adira and let’s go, it’s going to rain soon.” Rishabh said, looking at the sky.

I got up and brushed off the dust from my jeans and joined him.

“When are you going back Rishabh? To New York?” I asked him in a quiet voice.

He looked at me; maybe he caught something in my voice.
“I am returning next week. I have a flight next Saturday, nine days from now.” He said packing everything and slung the bad over his shoulder.

“This soon?” I asked him, walking with him.

“Soon? Adira we have been hanging here almost like three weeks.” He said and the sky rumbled again loudly.
“Lets hurry, we need to be at the house soon, otherwise we will be drenched.” He said.

I started hurrying with him, but luck wasn’t with us that day. The clouds rumbled loudly last time and then it started raining.

“Fuck, let’s run.” Rishabh said and we started running.

By the time we reached the farmhouse, we were drenched with water. Adrenaline was surging through me. We were laughing by the time we reached home. Darkness had started to invade the house and there was power cut.

“I’ll get the candles.” I said, still laughing. “And the bathrooms that way, the towels are kept there.” I said, pointing in the opposite direction from the kitchen.

“I’ll get them.” Rishabh grinned.

I found the candle and took it the room. The moment I entered the room I saw Rishabh shirtless back. I froze. The candlelight was illuminating his beautiful skin. I kept starring until Rishabh stopped wiping his shirtless body and turned towards me. His muscles and six packs were visble.
He walked slowly towards me, I swallowed. I stood there fixed to the spot, as if hypnotized by his gaze.
He inched his face towards me, bringing me closer to him. I breathed hard.

Suddenly the electricity came back and the spell broke. Rishabh face was shocked when he saw how close we were. He grabbed his shirt and left the room without saying anything, my mouth opened to call him but no voice came out.

I stood there, with the candle in the hand and a single though in my mind.
‘I had fallen for him.’

Me (part 2)


**You see new people everyday. You see them, walking around you, beside you, after you or with you, but how many of them do you notice? Yes, the one who catch your eye. It’s not because they are unusual or anything. Your mind notices them. Maybe because they remind you of someone, or they resemble someone.
But in the end, you forget about them or either curse yourself for not approaching them.
This is how we work.**

“Did you pack the winter clothes?” My mother asked me, as we touched down in Shimla.
“Why the hell, would I pack winter clothes? It’s June. Summer is at its peak.” I replied, tightly holding my mother’s hand. I hate landings.

“Darling, this is a hill station, there is no guarantee of what weather you’ll experience the coming day.” Mom said, laughing.
“I’ll buy, if anything like this happens.” I said.
“Okay, listen now, I have to go for a meeting, okay? It’s about the new resort that is going to be built here. One car will take to you the farmhouse; I’ll come home in an hour or so. You have fun!” Mom said, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting up.
“Yeah, okay!” I said. I knew I had to be here alone. That’s what happens always.


“Hello, Ms.Adira! I’m Mrs. Green. I am the caretaker of this house. I just live nearby. This is my phone number; call me if you need anything.” Mrs. Green said, a chubby fifty year old woman. She smiled warmly at me and I liked her immediately.

“Just Adira please!” I said smiling at her.
“As you wish, do you need help looking around?” She asked me.
“No, I’ll be okay!” I said.
I looked at the house, it was huge and magnificent. There were green hills around it gave it a certain charisma.
‘WOW’ I thought.

I threw my bag in the car, and went towards the hills. I was fond of trekking, a lot. I loved nature and the hills. This place was beautiful. I looked around, it seemed as the trees were touching the sky. The quietness around was comforting, there was no sound. The atmosphere was eerie. I sat down the roots of the tree, the apples hung from the trees; I plucked one and was just going to bite when I heard a voice behind me.

“I wouldn’t do that.” I heard a boy’s voice behind me.

I got up in haste and turned around surprised and scraped myself again a tree.
“Ouch!” I said, looking at my ankle which was bleeding. I shouldn’t have worn shorts.
I looked up the boy; he looked about my age and was wearing a loose T-shirt and Capri. I stared at him. He wasn’t handsome or anything but he was hot. He had muscles and a broad chest, a result of regular gym, strange but he had green eyes. A wheatish complexion but such a personality and body which would make girls swoon. He was smart.

“That’s a poisonous apple.” He said, smiling just a little.
“Who are you?!” I demanded.
“Of course! I am Rishabh. You must have met Mrs. Green, yeah she’s my aunt.” He said.
“And what are you doing here?” I asked him.
“I roam a lot in these hills. Nature’s appreciator.” He said.
I looked at him and decided to turn away and walk back to the farmhouse, but then realised my ankle.

“Wait, let me help you.” Rishabh said, coming towards me. He bent down near my ankle, studying the wound. The instant he touched me, electricity jolted through me. I shuddered.
‘What the hell’ I thought.

He took out a napkin from his pocket and tied it over my ankle tightly.
“Just wash the wound when you go home, you’ll be perfect.” He said, smiling at me.
“Thank you.” I said, blushing for no reason.
“Don’t be, that’s what to-be doctors do.” He said.
“Come let’s go back to the farmhouse.” He said, already walking back to the way which I had come from.
I started after him as he started walking. Usually boys melted over my appearance, but he? He behaved in such a manner that left me amazed. I started after him, remembering the way he touched my leg.

“Are you going to come-?” He said and stopped.
“I’m Adira.” I said, starting to walk towards him, removing the unnessary thoughts from my mind.

And that is how our friendship started.

Me (part 1 )


**Sometimes you have everything. You have a perfect life; in short you’re nothing short of anything. But? There is a sinking feeling in your heart. You feel alone sometimes, there is turmoil of feelings inside you which you can’t get away from. Why? You do not know. **

14th, October, 2012.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, may god bless you!” The song was echoing around me. I blew all the eighteen candles and gazed at the people around me. I smiled and fed cake to my family and then to my best friend Ishita and Anirudh. This was a happy day; I had been waiting for this day from days and days. I looked around myself and saw everyone. I felt overwhelmed.
We clanked our champagne glasses and laughed together. This party was a success. Everyone was hugging and kissing my cheek. Birthdays are the best part of our life. You’re pampered, on top of everyone’s list. It’s an amazing feeling.

Anyways, I am Adira Dhawan. Only daughter of the business tycoon Mrs. Zara Dhawan. When I was 5, my mom and dad got separated and till now? My mother bought me up, made me one of the strongest persons in the world. I do not take crap from anybody but on the other side; I am one of the most helpful persons anyone has ever seen.

“Cheers Adira! Holidays start from tomorrow! No college for two months!” Anirudh exclaimed, drowning the rest of champagne.

“Yeah, life starts from tomorrow!” I said making a gesture to toast.
“Where you going then?” Ishita said.
“Shimla! We have a farmhouse there, mom has some work there too, so a month staying there!” I said making a face.
“I am off to Vegas.” Arjun said, smirking at me. I threw a pillow at him.
Everyone laughed.

“Ok, people times up! It’s time to go home.” My mom said, marching into the lobby of our house.
“Mom!” I protested.
“Sweetheart, it’s almost 11:00 in the night, everyone needs to be home, and you have a flight to catch tomorrow!” She said.
That was the cue for everyone to go. Everyone hugged me and left. After asking the servants to transfer all the gifts to my room, I filled the glass of champagne and walked towards the garden. I sat on a jute chair out there, and stared at nothing.
You know what people say? A father is a child’s best friend, and it’s right. No matter how much I had, I still felt deprived of a fatherly affection. A child always needs a father.

“What are doing out here?” My mother’s voice came from behind me.
“Nothing, just wanted to have some quietness around me.” I said, quickly wiping a tear which had escaped from my eye.
“Are you okay, Adira?” My mother asked me, coming and standing in front of me.
“Yes mom! I am perfect, thank you for such a wonderful party.” I said smiling, kissed her cheek and left for my room, before she could sense my emotions.

Stop rapes..!!!

so this is what city of nawab’s is up to now… 😦 LIMITzz..:'(

LUCKNOW: In a chilling reminder of the Nirbhaya gang rape, the body of a woman in mid-20s was found naked with injury marks on head, face and private parts in a primary school in Balsinghkheda village(Lucknow district).

Evidence suggests she posed a brave fight against the rapists. Her clothes were torn and body was found in a pool of blood. “Blunt objects such as wooden stick were thrust inside the vaginal and anal area to inflict pain,” said a doctor from the postmortem panel.

People were watching her for more than 2 hours but not a single person tried to cover her body,police reached 2 hours late n were busy in clicking photos of the victim by using their mobile n turned her body so they can take photos of her front.


Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav on Saturday tried to defend Akhilesh’s govenment and said-

“There are 21 crore people in UP, still the number of such cases (crimes against women) is the least here. It is not possible to prevent every crime,” Mulayam told a news channel in Delhi.

A few months ago Mulayam Singh had said, “Should rape cases be punished with hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes.”

SHAME.. R.I.P Humanity!!  




is this how our India is incredible..



it is not anything which is of so much's like my personal diary my day to day experience of life..of people, of random stuff that goes through a teenager's mind. I am 15 and in this blog you would find my stories, life experiences, views. Hope you guys enjoy reading!!!!